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I'm Theresa and I'm the founder of Tutti Benvenuti. My Italian heritage runs deep, intertwining my identity with the rich traditions, warm hospitality, and flavorful cuisine of this extraordinary country. Immersed in a tapestry of captivating landscapes and steeped in centuries of incredible history, Italy has ignited an enduring love affair within my heart. The seeds of this connection were planted at the age of just four when my Mother, Nonna, and Aunt embarked on a journey to their ancestral homeland. I remember my childhood and being captivated by the sight of the three of them crafting homemade pasta in my Nonna's kitchen. I would sit on the countertop, mesmerized by the rhythmic dance of their hands, kneading the dough with precision and care. The tantalizing aroma of fresh basil and tomatoes filled the air, as they shared stories of their adventures in Italy. The art of cooking, passed down through generations, became a sacred ritual as my sweet Nonna shared her culinary secrets, infusing every dish with love and tradition.


I also fondly remember my mother singing enchanting Italian songs to me, her voice brimming with warmth and nostalgia. These moments ignited a deep love for my heritage, connecting me to this rich cultural tapestry. The desire to experience the land that had inspired so much of their passion grew within me, and I yearned to experience firsthand the beauty, history, and vibrant spirit of Italy. Since then, I have been able to explore so many of Italy's beautiful regions, allowing me to unravel the depths of its charm and uncover the threads that tie me to this remarkable place.

My first trip to Italy was with my brother, on the anniversary of our family coming over to the states. We rented a car in North Italy and took off on an exhilarating cross-country adventure, immersing ourselves in the diverse and captivating beauty of Italy's four corners. Stepping foot on Italian soil for the first time, a sense of belonging coursed through me. I was embraced by a warm Mediterranean breeze, welcoming me home to a land that had been etched into the very fabric of my being. Since then, I have been able to explore over 20 of the major cities in sixteen of Italy's twenty stunning regions. Today, I am working on getting my dual citizenship (jure sanguinis) that will hopefully be passed down to my children along with a lifelong curiosity and appreciation for their Italian heritage that will foster a deep sense of wanderlust and an enduring love affair with Italy that will last for generations to come. 

This beautiful country will forever hold a cherished place in my heart, an everlasting connection that continues to shape who I am and how I navigate the world around me. That is the WHY behind Tutti Benvenuti Travel. I hope to help you enjoy your trip to Italy and personally witness you fall in love with it, the same way that I have. 



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